When Is The Segwit2x Fork?

Roger Ver Explains the BCash and Segwit2x Forks!05/11/2017  · Although there has not been an official statement released about the upcoming SegWit2X fork, Bitstamp did support the Bitcoin Cash fork once the fork was completely stabilized. It is a possibility that they will accept the SegWit2X fork after the fork has been completed. Bittrex. Bittrex has not yet released an official statement about the fork.

The relative date of the SegWit2X hard fork came on November 17, at 2:50 GMT+2 time. Block 494,784 and the next block was mined by AntPool, a miner that did not signal support for SegWit2x. No peculiarities were seen in the new blocks. After the block was passed, there were no immediate news on performing a fork from any known entity. But a few.

20/12/2019  · What is the SegWit2x hard fork? This is the highly controversial split of the bitcoin blockchain that miners are wanting to implement. Bitcoin miners will begin running the SegWit2x version of bitcoin which will increase the block size to 2MB, and the block weight to 8MB.

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The fork is not the same as the one originally proposed in the NYA but shares some features. The most important part of the Segwit2x fork is the increased block size to 4MB, double what the.

05/11/2017  · Regarding Segwit2x hard fork, different cryptocurrency exchanges presented their postures on the matter. There is a webpage that lists the majority of the platform exchanges and their policy towards the hard fork.

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