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Codehesion is South Africa’s top Android and iOS developer and has helped many companies to build and launch world-class.

Wunderlist is officially gone, but you can replace it with one of these productivity apps. Sorry, Wunderlist devotees: As of.

ZOOM has become one of the most popular video conferencing software apps around. There is both a free and paid-for.

Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs, LinkedPhone helps you share a single phone number through the process of a cloud-based virtual business phone.

Sberbank has launched a mobile app called Bank of Business Partners for Android. From now on, Android smartphone users of the free online venue can look for business partners, place.

Best Small Business Apps / Tools That Are FREE!13 Nov 2019.

Mobile apps let you operate your business on the go without any hassle and give you the necessary competitive edge to transform your.

Digital signature apps are great timesavers because any important agreements you get in your inbox can be digitally signed.

Small Business Accounting PRO/BUS, Business System Modular, Point of sale ______. Keep all your data local, secure and completely confidential to your.

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